Julie A. sanchez, encaustic Artist

‚ÄčElias Shawn Studio




February - April, 2020:             Solo Show,Mercer Wines Tasting Room, Seattle, WA

May, 2020:                                  Solo Show, Studio 103, Tashiro Kaplan, Pioneer Square,                                                                 Seattle, WA 

June, 2020                                   Bar Del Corso, Beacon Hill, WA

September, 2020:                       Art Uncorked, Mercer Island, WA

November/December, 2020    Joint Show, Traumhaus Gallery, Snohomish, WA       


December, 2019:                      New Seasons Grocery Store, Mercer Island, WA

October/November, 2019:     Family Eyecare, Mercer Island, WA

September, 2019:                      In The Shed, Collector Dinner, Beacon Hill, WA

September, 2019:                      Art Uncorked, Mercer Island, WA

August, 2019:                             Seattle Art Post onsite at The Coding Dojo, Bellevue, WA

August, 2019:                             Agua Azul Pop-up, Boutique Lounge, Mercer Island, WA

June, 2019:                                  Agua Azul, Petite Sweets, Everett, WA

March/April, 2019:                   Solo Show, Alchemy of Change Abridged
                                                      New Season's Market, Mercer Island, WA 

February, 2019:                          Group Show, Waxing Poetic

                                                      Studio 103, Pioneer Square/Seattle, WA

January, 2019:                            Solo Show, Alchemy of Change
                                                      Studio 103, Pioneer Square/Seattle, WA

September, 2018:                       Art Uncorked, Mercer Island, WA

July, August, 2018:                    Solo Show, Washed up on Shore,

                                                      Geraldine's Counter, Columbia City, WA

April, 2018:                                 Dawn Josephine Collective, Bozeman, MT

November, 2017:                       The Dancing Leaf Gallery, Talkeetna, WA

June, 2017:                                  Solo Show, Yoga Bliss, Mercer Island, WA
May, 2017:                                  SOURCES Gallery, Mercer Island, WA
May, 2017:                                  My Trybe Life, Private Instruction

September, 2017:                      Mercer Island Art Uncorked


Flotsam, Seattle, WA

Model Citizen, Private Collector, Commission, Mercer Island, WA

Narnia, Private Collector, Commission, Mercer Island, WA

Sound of Silence,  Private Collector Commission, Mercer Island, WA

Seeking Shira, Private Collection, Seattle, WA

Amalgamation of Choice, Private Collection, Mercer Island, WA

Sunflower Dreams, Private Collection, Toowoomba, AUS

Autumn Harvest, Private Collection, Anchorage, AK

Critical Thinking, Private Collection, Portland, OR

What Does Winter Taste Like, Private Collection, Seattle, WA

Anticipation, Private Collection, Seattle, WA

Ascent, Private Collection, Mercer Island, WA

La Sirena, Private Collector Commission, Anacortes, WA

Arabian Nights, Private Collection, Seattle, WA

Circumstance, Private Collection, Seattle, WA

Spawn, Private Collection, Marysville, WA

Confluence, Private Collection, Covington, WA

Scream, Private Collection, Tacoma, WA

Tumultuous Reasoning, Private Collection, Denver, CO


June 2019/October 2016:               

                                           Privileged to study under:
                                               Ellen Koment, Santa Fe, NM


October 2016;                 Shawna Moore, Whitefish, MT



2004:                                    MBA, University of Alaska, Anchorage, AK
2002:                                    MS-GSCM, University of Alaska, Anchorage, AK
1996:                                     BA, Lake Forest College, Lke Forest, IL